Introducing: T.O.P.day collection by Oh! Hardpop. Artwork by: Irawan Phie


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How to order:

Anonymous asked:
"Is it possible to order a TOP-Day t-shirt from oh!hardpop ? And if i take 2 t shirts, do i have to pay the shipping twice?"

yes, possible.

nope, the shipping price is a bit higher but u wont pay double.

please email me for details: sitta.khitri@gmail.com



2NE1 ‘Blackjack’ tshirt collection now available at http://facebook.com/ohhardpop and ready to be bought! Spread the news ♠!

Anonymous asked:
"Hello, i wanted to ask how much a shipping to Switzerland costs.?"

is it for t shirt or jacket? we’ve discontinued producing the jacket. We’re selling ohhardpop’s t shirts only for now. Shipping to Switzerland for 1 t shirt is 34 usd. 1 t shirt costs 24usd

so if u order 1 tshirt, total cost is 34+24= 58usd

thank you


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Anonymous asked:
"kalo untuk kecimahi ongkirnya berapa yah? itu harganya sama aja atau kalo buat orang indonesia ada harga khusus"

ini buat jaket atau phone case ya?

Anonymous asked:
"can I order the phone cases if I'm from another country? :)"

Where are you from? ^^